Two Air-to-Air Refuelers on ILS ramp. (Winter 2008)

Who We Are

International Logistical Support Inc.

International Logistical Support (ILS) was established in 2004 to support military and civilian aviation operations in the Canadian Western Arctic.

ILS is Canada’s only mission-ready support specialist serving the far north. Our personnel are skilled aviation professionals with decades of industry leading experience in the Arctic region. Each has first hand logistical experience as crew members in Arctic flight operations.

ILS owns and operates a 21,000 square foot hangar facility at the Inuvik Airport in Inuvik, Northwest Territories. We are strategically located to provide the highest degree of safety and reliability for operations in the Arctic. The Inuvik Airport hosts the only paved runway in the Canadian Arctic Circle and is considered critical infrastructure for military operations by both NORAD and the Canadian federal government.

The ILS facility, known by squadron leaders we serve as 'the Green Hangar', is the only hangarage in the Western Arctic capable of housing Hercules class aircraft. The hangar features 24 hour security and is heated in order to provide the best environment for aircraft maintenance, storage and repair. The hangar also features an office space and lounge area for clients and visiting personnel. 

Additional facilities on the ILS property include a quonset hangar with twin overhead doors for drive-through access, a separate flight centre office trailer and a 40 foot heated shelter directly adjacent to the main hangar. 

Our auxiliary structures have all the amenities needed for ancillary flight support and/or operations involving small fixed-wing class aircraft such as power, heat, internet service, parking and washroom facilities.

The ILS property is positioned along taxiway ‘C’ and is adjacent to Inuvik’s forward operating location (FOL). A paved taxiway and private ramp provides secure access to both the main hangar and a large marshalling area to park and/or support heavy aircraft. 

The marshalling area is large enough to accommodate two Hercules class aircraft with room left to park additional planes or helicopters. Long term and overnight parking is available for both aircraft and support vehicles. 

From our robust facilities, ILS offers a full suite of ground support services and equipment to satisfy the operational requirements of almost any public, private or military operation. 

ILS operates the only heavy transport tow truck at the Inuvik Airport and we are capable of supporting ground movements of heavy aircraft weighing up to 500,000 pounds. We have on-site tow bars for the C-117, C-130, Challenger, Twin Otter, Twin Otter ski package, Beech 200, Beech 1900 and many more. 

In addition to aircraft towing and marshalling, ILS maintains a large cache of privately-owned equipment on site to handle freight and heavy cargo. This equipment includes forklifts, telehandlers, excavators, tractors and highway trailers.

ILS has facilitated operations by NORAD, RCAF, DND, USAF, RCMP, Transport Canada, NASA and DLR. We have also assisted domestic and international civilian clients with scientific research, environmental analysis, resource exploration and SAR. 

We are proud to be the only 24 hour commercial ground support facility serving military, government and civilian clients in the Western Arctic. 

The team at International Logistical Support looks forward to working with our clients to tackle the challenges that face the Arctic region. We stand ready serve and support our partners in their ongoing Arctic operations. 

Please review our website for a comprehensive list of our equipment and capabilities. Contact us for information about partnerships and investment opportunities.