Air-to-Air Refuelers under maintenance in ILS hangar.


The main hangar is 21,000 square feet. The main hangar doors open 140 feet wide and 43 feet high.
The hangar can be heated to room temperature at the request of the client. The operational practice is to keep the temperature at -5 degrees Celsius so that the aircraft is warm enough to start but will not form contaminants when it is pulled outside.
Temperatures in Inuvik during the arctic winter can drop below -50 degrees Celsius, however, average winter temperatures hover around -25 degrees Celsius from November to March.
While Summers are short north of the Arctic Circle, temperatures can often reach 30 degrees Celsius in the 24 hour daylight.
Situated 300 miles north of the Arctic Circle, Inuvik has two months of 24 hour daylight and two months during the winter when the sun doesn't rise above the horizon.
The largest aircraft that we can accommodate in the hangar is the Lockheed Hercules C130J model at 133 feet wide and 117 feet long.
The entire property is within the airport security zone. The hangar is staffed by company personnel 24 hours per day and the facilities are monitored by high-definition security cameras.
We load, unload, tow, marshal and hangar aircraft. We offer AC and DC ground power, can handle passengers as well as build and manifest freight pallets.
We provide a full host of services and amenities to flight crews - including WiFi, cellular repeaters, office space and a flight planning area.
The Inuvik Airport runway is 6000 feet paved and currently being extended to 9000 feet. It is the only paved runway within the Canadian Arctic Circle.
The Inuvik ATB houses airport management, Nav Canada, airline offices and has full restaurant, baggage and flight check-in service. The airport is classified as an airport of entry and is staffed by the Canada Border Services Agency. The Inuvik Airport routinely handles 737s and smaller passenger aircraft.
Inuvik is served by Air North with connections to Whitehorse, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver as well as by First Air with connections to Yellowknife and Edmonton.